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Colour is an emotion.

Colour is an incredibly comlex field, and we know when colour's not right. Colour is a bit like magic. It's a trick played by your mind – and most people don't want to know how it works.

The reality is that colour doesn't actually even exist; what we know as colour is just objects producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way they reflect or emit light. Our brains convert this information to the subjective, adstract and emotive impressions we call colours.

So colour science is also and incredibly complex field – but all we really care about is making sure colour is represented consistently and accurately wherever it appears. As a job passes through the design process from concept to delivery, it's vital to communicate coloiur – be it a brand, and image or a package – as effectively as possible at every stage.

Inkbox has all the latest Colour Management Technology, and this does smooth the process, but a three million dollar machine still can't replace one employee with 20 years expertise. Part of the process is automated but most of the process is still hands-on with every job overseen through human eyes.

Colour needs to be technically accurate but also emotionally correct.

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