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Be perfect, be precise, but also be prepared.

The objective of Inkbox and Kirk's has always been to offer our clients the best technology available in the world. This has required ongoing investment in research, capital equipment and a high level of Human Resourcing.

Our equipment and expertise are without parallel in the industry, which gives us the ability to challenge the traditional norms and create a truely unique, customised solution that benefits everyone we work with.

But this isn't the only reason we are New Zealand's largest pre-press company, we also guarantee the timelines for everything we do. No matter what.

Our four associated productions facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland are mirrored. This provides peace of mind with high volume and continuity of supply as we don't have a single points of failure.


In practice this rarely ever happens, but because we have a system set up in case it should we use that system to increase the speed of delivery for each job by simply getting it processed in the facility that has available capacity.


Its's a real-world peer-to-peer protocol that only we deliver.  

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