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Signing off proofs is now as easy as cloud-watching

We understand the complexity of many eyes checking proofs within organizations – both big and small. Many people within a specific job have a vested interest in checking proofs – whether it’s Marketing, Legal, Design, …(who ever else you can think of). Communicating and keeping on top
of all the comments, notations, requests etc. can be difficult to manage albeit very important.
We have chosen an online process that we felt works best for all parties involved. 


If you’re not using online systems to circulate and process data in some form, you’re going to be slower and more expensive than your competitors. Online processes are a leading reason for efficiency gains across a range of industries. With the flexibility and convenience that comes with smartphones, tablets and computers, online systems are allowing us to collate and process files in smarter and more efficient ways than ever before.


InkBox has one of the leading systems built with this philosophy in mind. We not only embrace the online processes, we could not be as reactive without them. Our only limitation is the internet connection. What’s yours?

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