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True proofing can't be 'near enough'.

Through years of investing in leading edge technology. Inkbox has built a proofing system that eliminates any and all guess work. 


When you get a proof from us there is no buffer for what the final result 'should' look like, when you get a proof from us it is always to show what the end result 'will' look like.

This applies to untraditional print-work as well as traditional, so if you are incorporating experimental inks or elements into your final design a proof from us will still show you exactly how the end result will be. Even if it involves foils, highbuild and other embelishments.

This offsets any design risk as you no longer need to go to the expense of a print run to gauge how the design will turn out, all you need is a proof from us.

That proof will be perfect, and it will be precise.

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