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The type of plate often determines your final result, getting this right is paramount

Technology within the platemaking industry is slow moving. Over the years break throughs have occurred, some of which we fully endorse others not. It’s our job to guide you through the pro’s and con’s for your job, and every job is different. We are always open minded to new technologies and we will often work along side printers testing different methods, some of which never make it to market. Let’s talk through different methods and they results you can expect from each. Each process can depend on the printer and the substrate that they work with. We can help recommend
the best process to achieve the desired result for your budget.


Kodak NX plates We have been very impressed with Kodak Plates. They are light years ahead of anything else. If you think that a ‘plate’s a plate’ then you haven’t seen the very latest technology from Kodak – a technology that we at InkBox are already effectively utilising for our discerning clients.


The 2012 Pride and Print Awards demonstrated just how amazing the new Kodak product is; a job on a 16-year-old press with Kodak NX plates took out the ‘Process and Category Award and in doing so beat off a range of entries from Gravure and Flexo on much newer equipment. This technology is set to redefine the Flexo industry and InkBox is all over it like, well, ink on a plate. Whether it’s the extended colour range, the overall Gravure-like print qualities, or simple cost savings due to faster presses and less material waste, Kodak NX and InkBox have you covered.

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